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Social Worker

All registered social workers are required to develop and maintain their knowledge and skills to practise competently and safely.

‘It will be a continuous journey of critical reflection, new insights and learning. Through constantly adapting your social work approach during each transition you experience, reflecting on your own learning and applying that learning to how you approach and respond to the people whose lives you enter, you will become a better social worker.’ Social Work, Cats and Rocket Science (James E. et al, 2020, p43)

This begins with the Assessed Year in Practice for newly qualified social workers and continues with the Professional in Practice Framework.

Assessed Year in Employment

As a Newly Qualified Social Worker (NQSW) you will receive extra support to develop your skills, knowledge and competence through the Assessed Year in Employment (AYE). This supports the transition from student to employee and offers the opportunity to demonstrate sustained, continuous and effective competence in the workplace.

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Professional in Practice

The Professional in Practice Framework recognises all learning both formal and informal; it offers flexibility and autonomy and it places practitioners in charge of their own professional development – supporting social workers to maintain their registration training and learning or PRTL and continue to reflect, learn and develop throughout their careers.

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